The Shared Worlds summer camp

I saw the note on Locus Online regarding the ‘Shared World Camp’, so I had to check it out. It’s one of those ‘Gee, I wish I were still in high school’ things, though — otherwise, it looks really cool.

At this 8 day camp, you can learn how to write stories (fantasy, science fiction, or horror), design games, or illustrate. Classes include alien biology and history as well as creative writing, game design, and art. The list of Visiting Speakers includes several published authors, game designers and illustrators, including Laura Resnick, Greg Keyes, Ken Hite, and Doug Chaffee. I’d be interested in seeing the names of the teachers, which are ‘Coming Soon’.

In any case, I’m far too old for this, but it looks like it could be worth the $1250 — remember, that’s 8 days in residence.

Hmmmm… I wonder if I could rent a time machine for a week or so…

Wofford College’s Shared Worlds camp


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